Clarity Resource Pack 1.16.3/1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2 for minecraft 32x brings pixel-perfection to an entirely new level. Every single block and item is thoroughly thought out to bring the perfect balance of realism and traditionalism, while still maintaining Minecraft’s block-by-block core. The resolution of 32x allows for greatly increased clarity and detail over standard Minecraft, yet it embraces the game’s blocky nature, in turn allowing it to run on even low powered systems. The experience is truly cohesive and deliberate, and greatly enhances a wide variety of build styles.

Clarity Resource Pack


  • Finely crafted block, item, mob, and environment textures
  • Revamped GUI with much cleaner menus, buttons, title and a beautiful new title screen background
  • Increased font resolution for easier reading
  • Custom sky with realistic clouds – no shaders needed
  • Easy, free, ad-free installation

Note: For the custom clouds to work, you must have optifine or equivalent mod installed. You can turn then off by going to Options  > Video Settings > Quality > Custom Sky: Off

Clarity Resource Pack screenshots Clarity Resource Pack screenshots 2 Clarity Resource Pack screenshots

Texture additions

  • Hopper item
  • Repeater item
  • Comparator item
  • Painting item
  • Item frame item
  • Raw and cooked cod item
  • Raw and cooked salmon item
  • Pufferfish item
  • Tropical fish/clownfish item
  • Nether wart block
  • Nether wart item
  • Name tag
  • Lead item
  • Shears
  • Spider eye
  • Fermented spider eye
  • Carrot on a stick
  • Rabbit foot
  • Dragon breath bottle
  • Quartz item
  • Prismarine crystal
  • Prismarine shard
  • Experience bottle
  • Totem of undying
  • Pumpkin pie

Texture alterations

  • Raw and cooked chicken
  • Item frame background


  • Changed blaze powder outline in brewing stand to reflect the altered texture
  • Changed armor stand outlines in inventory to reflect altered armor textures

Clarity 1.12 & 1.11 – v2.2
(1.12.2 version) – Clarity 1.13-1.14 (1.14.4 and 1.13 version)
Clarity (17.49 MB – Game Version1.15.2) – (17.73 MB – for minecraft 1.16.3/1.16.2)