Dimension Zero modpack 1.12.2 for minecraft is a story based Questing Modpack which is intended to provide a fun experience for hardcore beginners and veterans alike.

Minecraft mod name Dimension Zero Modpacks
Credit Sir_of_Legends
Last Released File: December 18, 2020
Size: 11.90 MB
Game Version Minecraft 1.12.2
Filename Dimension Zero-11.6.zip
Summoned Phoenix fighting Zombies
Summoned Phoenix fighting Zombies

It consists of a variety of tech and magic based Mods which should last you and your friends for a while before running out of things to do.

Monsters get more difficult to deal with as time passes and some recipes have been changed to adjust progression without taking away to much freedom when choosing what to do next.

But don’t worry you will have multiple ways to deal with this.

And to top it off – over 130 different Magical Spells to discover and use if weapons aren’t to your liking.

There are many more SKILLS and ABILITYS you can acquire, go figure.

  • Update some Mods, Scripts, Quests etc.
  • Made some small tweaks to quests to register some items faster (for example the astral sorcery wand)
  • Added Random Tweaks mod to fix some minor problems and add some small functions. For example no more endless squid spawns filling the spawn cap
  • Small bug fixes, some with mod updates like craft presence not working with linux etc.
  • Some more minor changes and adjustments! Mostly quality of life stuff and barely noticeable!
    As always make sure to backup your world in case something breaks.


A Dragon eating some Sheep
A Dragon eating some Sheep

Dimension-Zero-Modpack-craft Dimension-Zero-Modpack-quest

Installing a Dimension Zero Modpack from Twitch App

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Download Links for Dimension Zero modpack 1.12.2:

Dimension Zero-11.6.zip (14.32 MB) – SERVER – Dimension Zero-11.6.zip (506.76 MB)
(Update last Released File on December 18 , 2020)