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Joint block mod 1.12.2, 1.7.10 (StarGate Pack)


The use of Jointblock mod for commercial purposes is actually prohibited, which is incredibly important. Or so they thought. When it comes to MOD-related works, the copyright belongs to the entirely original creator (ChinaStarGateFan). It was considered that using this MOD without permission on other servers was unlawful.

This patch previously created a second spaceship-themed item. The mcheli helicopter module is included in the most recent mod. This time is based on the accessory repair of the JointBlock mechanical block module. The latest model has the disadvantage of requiring a long time to load a large MC, but it has better internal and functionality (the early stage of functionality must be imitated).

The starship is, for all intents and purposes, from a science fiction work: STARGATE in a big way. This mod allows you to have a delicate experience with the original’s truly old spaceship. Feel the rush of piloting a spaceship through a stargate while marveling at the universe.


F302 Control Keys:
B key Lazer Gun
Hold the “Z” key to accelerate
Hold the “X” key to accelerate Vertical take-off and landing
C key down
V key launch missile

Jumper Control Keys:
C key close the door
V key open the door
Z key Fire Drone
Hold the “X” key to accelerate (With wings outstretched)

Atlantis Control Keys:
V key open hyperspace.
Z key Fire Drone
X C key Rotating camera

Ancient seatControl Keys:
Z key Fire Drone

How to install:

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(Update last Released File on August 16, 2021)

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