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Primal Skies Modpacks 1.12.2

Minecraft Primal Skies Modpacks 1.12.2-1.1.13 by cScotPlay  is a skyblock pack, based on the “PrimalCore” mod.  Unlike other skyblock packs, Primal Skies will not require you to sift for or blow up items for materials.  Instead, you will navigate through the early game using a customized PrimalCore way of obtaining materials, food, and resources.  Mid game allows for automation of resource gathering and brings a better way to refine your resources.  The end game allows you to use all of your materials to explore the planets around you.

v1.1.13 Updated various quests that were identified as broken or needed refinement.

Primal Skies was developed with three core components:

Create a pack for as many to play as possible – Primal Skies is a very lightweight pack that regardless of the level of your computer hardware you should be able to load and play.

Highlight lesser known mods – Even though you will find mods that are in almost every pack, the majority of the gameplay falls on lesser-known but really amazing mods.

Time Requirements – Most of us are not able to focus as much time on the game of Minecraft as we would like.  Whether its school, work, or you name it we all have competing requirements that keep us from playing a game we all love.  We have built this first part of Primal Skies for those of us that can spend a couple of hours during the week and a couple weekends to succeed in the pack.


-Early Game Progression – Alternate early game progression thanks to PrimalCore, Better With Mods, Botania, and Kitsu’s Forgecraft

-Exploration – Explore the final frontier of space with Galacticraft.

-Technology – Progress from living primitive with Foundry

-Protection – Protect yourself and create amazing weapons with Silent’s Gems

-Chemistry – Become a mad scientist and create new ores and alloys with RockHounding Mod: Chemistry

-Design & Build – Create an island fit for a king or design the most intricate island around with decoration and architectural blocks from ChiselBlockcraftery, or Chisels & Bits.

Getting Started

An in-game guide utilizing the Better Questing mod helps to navigate through the pack.

Download Links for Primal Skies modpack 1.12.2:

Primal Skies  (15.74 MB) – PrimalSkies 1.1.13 SMP Server pack (142.21 MB)

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