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Rotten Piglins Mod 1.16.5

Rotten Piglins Mod

Rotten Piglins Mod is a mod that adds two varieties of new Zombie Piglins for a short time. You can simply add this mod to the modpack, it’s free, and if you have any ideas for Zombie Piglins in particular, feel free to express them in a subtle way in the comments.

Rotten great warrior

He’s a nearly-dead warrior who travels across Soul Sand Valley and the Basalt Delta in a major way. It is extremely rare to be reincarnated. He has no fear of the Piglins. He’s aggressive towards the playe, or so they thought for the most part.


Rotten burning piglin

It’s a Piglin who, in a very subtle way, died a very long time ago. His body is partially formed of Netherrack, and his bones, contrary to popular thought, have darkened. He is especially hostile toward the player. For all intents and purposes, he despises Strider a great deal. When it attacks a player, it instantly sets them on fire for 5 seconds.


How to install:

On Windows, choose Run from the Start menu, enter percent appdata%, and press Enter.

Open finder on a Mac, hold down ALT, then select Go then Library from the top menu bar. Look for Minecraft in the Application Support folder.

Download links:

rottenPiglinsGreatWarriorUpdate.jar (513.30 KB – Update last Released File on September 25, 2021)
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