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Troll Craft 2.0 mod 1.12.2

Troll Craft 2.0 mod 1.12.2

Everything -- This is Everything In The Mod!

Troll Craft 2.0 mod 1.12.2 for minecraft is A Mod That Adds Tons Of Utilities To Troll Your Friends With!

Mod Content:

Troll AK-47 – an OP Gun That Was Mainly Created For Creative mode Trolling But Can Also Be Crafted In Survival With A Hard Recipe You Can Scope By Clicking “F”

Pistol – a Pistol That Hurts Alot But Your Just A Really Bad Aim But You Can Scope By Clicking “F”

Troll Face – This Face Makes It When Its In Your Inventory It Will Give Slowness And Speed Which Does Nothing But You Can Right Click For True Annoyingness

Troll Ingot – an Ingot That Can Be Crafted To a Block Or Armor!

Poop – Well You Know What This Is But It Comes In Differint Varieties

Hot Potatato – a Hot Potato When Eaten It Catches You On FIRE! Beware, Can Be Crafted By Smelting Cooked Potato Therefor Burning It

Snake In a Can – Pretty Self Explanatory

Snake – can Be Right Clicked to Gain Speed And Poison

OK – a Hand OK Symbol That Can Be Found In an Ore And Crafted in Crafting Tables Or Inv To Make OK (Right) If You Want Double Handed!

Donut – a Donut That Can Be Found From Donut Trees Scattered Across The World!

Annoying Button – DONT PRESS!

Flight Staff – a Staff That Opens A Menu That Allows You To Enable Or Disable Flight

Chicken Nugget – a Chicken Nugget That Can Be Crafted Using Cooked Chicken!

Phone – a Working Phone With Some Capabilities Of Its Own!

Instakill Stick – an OP Stick Able To Kill With a Single Blow!

Throwable Gun – a Gun That Can Be Thrown With a Wide Spread Of Range!

Lucky Block – a Block That Spawns In Quartz Huts Around The World Which Either Gives Wither Effect Or Diamond And Emerald Blocks!

Troll Dimension – a Dimension Full of Big Piles Of Poop And Of Coarse Poop Zombies!

Troll Armor – Great Armor For Battle Created With Troll Ingots!

Troll Coal – Coal That Spawns Underground That For Some Reason Gives Exactly 50 Bowls

Donut Tree – a Tree That Randomly Generates In The World Which Provides Donuts!

Xray Block – a Block that You Can See Thru You Can Use This To Troll Your Friends In Some Ways Or Just To Look For Caves (Dont Worry Its Not Cheating!) o-o

“REAL” Stone – Stone That Randomly Generates UnderGround And When Destroyed Provides Ignited TNT (RUN!!)

Potato Plant – a Plant That Can Be Found around The World

Spikes – Spikes That can Be Used To Hurt Your Friends

TNT Plant – a Plant That Once Generated In Worlds But Was Removed Due To Large Groups But Can Still Be Crafted With 5 TNT Crafted In a T Shape In a Crafting Table!

Poop Zombie – a Zombie That Is Made Of Poop That Only Spawns In the Troll Dimension!

Troll Tools – The Troll Tools Including troll Pickaxe Troll Sword Troll Axe Troll Hoe Troll Shovel These All Are Very Strong Tools!

“Working Phone” – The Quotes Were Put Around It Because Whenever You Right Click With It It Blows Up!

C4 – A Highly Explosive Weapon That Whenever you Click The Button It Primes It And Gives Speed So That You Can Run In Wherever You Want And Then BOOM! (suicide Bomb)

Explosive Jetpack – Pretty Simple Actuilly It Blows Up When You Right Click With It And If Your In Creative Mode And You Hold Down Right Click While Looking Down Youll Fly!

Satisfying Coal – This Is Coal That Smelts Extremely Instantly And Is Useless On Its Own But Very Satisfying.

Whoopie Cushion – Oh Yeah The Ultimate Troll Equipment The Whoopie cushion Makes A Glass Breaking Sound Rapidly Which Is Super Annoying Whenever You Step On It

Pump Action Pistol – Its A Pistol That Can Fire At Short Distances Oh And You Can Scope If You Click “F” While Holding It!

Troll Cake – A Cake That Looks Alot Like A Cake But Suprise BOOOM!

Pump Action Sniper Rifle – A Joke Obviously But Its Very Strong And It Can Be Scoped By Clicking “F”

Statue Of Me Dabbing – Its A Statue Of Me Dabbing Thats It

50 Downloads Trophy – Celebration On Getting 50 Downloads On My Mod! (Im Going For 100!)

Me Doing The Splits – A Statue Of Me Doing The Splits!

Trash Can – A Trash Can That Does Not Actuilly Remove Items It Just Has 1 Slot In It!

Staple Gun – A Moderately Strong Staple Gun That Can Shoot Staples Across The Room!

Poop Slime – A Slime That Spawns In The Troll Dimension That Throws Poop At You!

Troll – a Mob Thats Very Deadly Dont Get Near It!

Dont Forget To Comment About Any Problems Or Anything Else Or Even Suggestions!

Dont Forget To Download! Hope You Have a Good Evening Night Morning Or Whatever Time Bye!

This Is My Most Liked Mod

All Of The Guns In The Mod (Not Including The Throwable One) Is 3D And Can Be Scoped By Holding It In Your Left Hand!

All the Guns Have Scopes — You Can Scope In With The Guns (Not Including The Throw-able Gun) By Putting It In Your Left Hand The Quick Button To Put in Your Left Hand Is F
Mobs — These Are The Mobs In The Mod

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder /.minecraft/mods
  4. Launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Troll Craft 2.0 mod latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

Download Links for Troll Craft 2.0 mod 1.12.2:

Troll Craft 2.0 (1.12.2).jar (1.94 MB – Update last Released File on April 18, 2019)

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